S.O.P.E.P. + S.M.P.E.P.

Every oil tanker over 150grt and every ship over 400 grt must carry a S.O.P.E.P. onboard the vessel

From 1st January 2003 every ship over 150grt carrying noxious liquid substances must have a S.M.P.E.P.

Both these Emergency Plans are for a skipper so he knows what to do in the case of a collision or a fire on his ship, he should have a plan for this emergency, there should be a pollution prevention team

The action plan is the same as a muster drill, the pollution team must know what each person has to do in any situation regarding pollution, every member of the crew is responsible to prevent pollution

Any Spillage should be treated as an emergency, common spillages occur while re-fueling, Save-alls should be used to prevent this, all actions should be taken to prevent any diesel or other marine pollutants from going into the water